Every good comeback story has a formula. You might be at rock bottom, or maybe you’ve already started writing yours and you didn’t even know it! Wherever you’re at in life, rest assured, there is hope for you. Here’s my tried and true framework for writing your own comeback story.

#1: You’re not the victim anymore.

In order to want to move forward, we need to realize the full weight of what’s dragging us down. Coming to grips with reality means understanding how our situation is affecting (and those we love) emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. At a certain point, it’s not just about us anymore. We have a responsibility to lead others that have been put in our lives. And that means we have a responsibility to do the hard thing, start to pick ourselves up, and put up a fight.

Let your discontentment become the motivation that fuels you to move forward. You have a say in this life. The question is, are you okay with the person your becoming and what are you willing to do to change it?

#2: Your getting unstuck from the past.

Easier said than done. Our default focus is split between the past and our present, with little to no thought for our future. When we’re down, it’s hard to not get fixated on what could’ve been, would have been, and should’ve been. But, focusing on the past hurts you the most. When it comes to negative thoughts, here’s how we can train our brains to make the most of past experiences. 1) Ask yourself, “What can I learn from it?” 2) Let it go.

Seriously. It’s time to move on and stop letting your past shape your present. To quote Rafiki from Lion King “Oh yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it.” And if it’s sin or a grudge that is dragging you down, it’s time to find freedom in forgiveness.

#3: You can see your true potential.

There’s nothing holding you back. Your past does no longer defines you. Your present situation does not define you. Your job, your family, your status does not define you. Stop caring about what other people think of you. They don’t know you, and they especially don’t know where you’re headed. Start valuing your time and your potential so much, that you can’t even afford to think about the naysayers.

It’s time to shift your focus to the future. Because you need a reason to wake up every day. It’s time to set your sights on something the old you could’ve never accomplished. It’s time to start dreaming up wild, audacious dreams.

It’s time to get clear on exactly the person that you want to become and chase after it. Relentlessly.

Brady Winder

#4: Your circles are changing.

If you want to be inspired, if you want to be motivated, if you really want your life to change, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with people that dream ridiculously huge, more than you could ever imagine. Surround yourself with people that are running at a pace you can’t even keep up with, because if you ask, they’ll usually slow down to teach you a thing or two. Surround yourself with people that have positive, infectious energy. Surround yourself with the people you want to become.

On the flip side, who’s injecting negativity into your life? Who shows up every day with only complaints? Who’s talking about other people, instead of building other people up? You can’t make a comeback if you’re allowing others to hold you down. When there’s a light in you, people notice. It will make people uncomfortable, some even envious, and others inspired. Stay focused on the person you’re becoming.

#5: You decide to take action and never look back.

The moment you decide to recognize what you’ve known all along – that there’s something inside waiting to break out. When you decide to be yourself, unapologetically. When you’re done bottling things up and you take the first step in a new direction. There’s nothing else like it.

Now, there will be hard days ahead…

You’ll have moments of doubt and moments of weakness.

But, remember who you are, remember where you’re headed, and take action, my friends.

You’ve got this.

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